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Consult with Lawbot™


1. Send us your name and the emailyou want to use with Lawbot: 

2. We will reply with an email (from with a link to lawbot and instructions how to login and use Lawbot.   

* We recommend using a Google, Microsoft or Apple email address to use Lawbot.  You can authenticate with them, rather than creating an account in our test environment. 

GCO Private Beta Test

You need to understand legal jargon to assess hiring an attorney a quick answer about law an overview of the issues

Meet Lawbot, an AI that answers legal questions.  This, our first proof of concept, is designed to substitute for the “free consultation” that lawyers typically provide.  At the end of the conversation, it provides both the user and the lawyer a “Brief” of the conversation via email.

ABOUT THIS BETA TEST:  This is a concept designed to understand how we can best address a user’s legal needs, short of actual legal representation.  It allows we humans to be ‘trained’ by you, our beta testers, to deliver better results.  We will in turn train and fine-tune the machines. The test is designed to explore efficiently mixing AI and a human network of real JDs. There will be several Lawbots* released in the coming weeks.

ABOUT THE APP.  Lawbot is using Coda as a rapid prototyping environment.  What it lacks in UI it makes up for in speed and flexibility of implementation.  If you don’t use Google or Microsoft to sign-in, you will go through a quick registration with Coda.  You may also encounter some Coda controls and artifacts on the page.  You can safely ignore these.  This prototype is not designed to scale beyond this test.  Once this period of experimentation and learning is over, we will build ‘industrial strength’ AI-aided  capabilities into General Counsel Online.

ABOUT FEEDBACK: We’d like your observations on the soundness of the idea and the quality of the answers and the brief that Lawbot supplies. There’s a feedback widget built into the interface. Or, just email us!

Enjoy! And Thank You!

THE FINE PRINT: Your name and email will be used ONLY for purposes of authenticating to the Lawbot beta test and communicating with General Counsel Online.  We will not share your email with anyone outside of GCO.  If you authenticate with Google, Microsoft, Apple or Coda, your agreement with them will govern your relationship with them.