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GCO Webinar

Business in the Age of COVID-19

Understanding the Force Majeure Contract Provision

“Force majeure,” also known as the “Act of God” provision in a contract, is the kind of boilerplate contract language that few paid attention to … until recently.  Force majeure provisions free parties from liability under a contract when extraordinary events beyond the control of the parties happens.

Join us for a 1/2 hour Webinar featuring Robert Kost, principal attorney for General Counsel Online, who will explain  majeure operates, and what it can and cannot excuse in business agreements.

The Webinar will be held live via Zoom at 12pm Noon, Eastern Daylight Time, on Monday August 3rd, 2020.  Mr. Kost will entertain questions after the presentation.

Please complete the form below to attend.  We will get back to you with meeting details soon.