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Business Formation Service Package



The Business Formation Fee will range depending on the type of entity you are seeing to establish.¬† These fees do not include include expenses, which will be invoiced separately before completion of filing and may include Pennsylvania State filing fees, document fees, publication fees, rush processing, shares, seals, agent for service of process and any other expenses incidental to your business formation.¬† Expenses will generally run between $150 and $500 in addition to the Final Fee.¬† GCO does not “mark up” expenses.

If you already know the entity form of the business you are creating (C Corp., S Corp., LLC, etc.) select it from the list below.¬† If you have not yet determined the entity form and instead seek advice on this, choose “LLC” from the list.¬† We will Consult with you to help you determine the appropriate form, and will file that form of business, charging you the fee associated with that form of filing, less the amount you will already have paid to determine this.


Review Details

Deciding what legal form your business will take is essential to your business strategy.¬† What does ownership look like, now and in the future?¬† Who will be controlling the business from day to day and what kinds of decisions will they be able to make?¬† What plans might you have for selling the business or bringing in investors?¬† What does the business’s capital structure look like?¬† What kinds of tax consequences flow from your choice of type of entity.


After you purchase the Business Formation Service Package, you will upload any relevant documentation and complete a short questionnaire.  We will meet and discuss your objectives and constraints.  Based on your choice of entity type, we will invoice you for associated Pennsylvania State filing fees, document fees, publication fees, rush processing, shares, seals, agent for service of process and any other expenses incidental to your business formation.  When you pay the invoice, we will draft, authorize (sign) and file documents with the State. You will receive a bound copy of all documentation and up to 20 share certificates (if relevant).

Services & Deliverables

GCO will assist you in forming and registering a business with a State, including forming a LLC, LLP, S corp, C corp and not-for-profit.  Before it does that, it is important that you understand what choosing one form over another requires and enables you to do. GCO will draft all relevant and necessary documentation, including articles of incorporation/organization, fictitious name, and notice to incorporate.  In addition, GCO will draft and finalize a simple operating agreement or bylaws (more complex documents will require the Document Creation Service Package).  Fees does not include State-imposed filing and other fees, publication fees and services, certification or licensure fees.  Shareholder agreements, cap tables and other shareholder related documents are not included.  Delaware and other state registrations will be separately priced.

In addition to business formation services, we offer assistance with your business dissolution activities as well.  Please contact us via Slack for a custom quote.

Additional Terms & Conditions

This Business Formation Service Package is governed by the terms of the GCO Retainer Agreement with your firm.  You were provided a copy at the time you registered.  If you need another copy, please let us know.  This Copyright Registration Service Package adds the following additional terms and conditions:

  1. The Service Package Fee is refundable upon your request until the services are rendered, less payment processing fees, which are on average about 3% of the purchase price.  If services have been partially rendered, you are entitled to a reasonable partial refund.  The Business Formation Fee will not be held in escrow and will be treated as belonging to GCO, subject to refunds.  Refunds will be credited to the credit card that you used to purchase the Service Package.
  2. State and federal fees associated with your business formation are in addition to the Business Formation Fee charged by GCO.  We will invoice you separately for the governmental fees and will file your registration upon your payment.  In most cases, governmental fees are non-refundable.