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Business Legal Roadmap



For a startup or a young company, navigating the legal environment can be daunting.  GCO offers a roadmap.  Robert Kost, principal at GCO, is a Certified Business Architect with extensive business consulting experience and is exceedingly well qualified to offer this Service Package.

The Business Legal Roadmap provides the new or start-up business with specific legal advice and opinion regarding an array of legal touchstones present in every (or most) business.  We spend time understanding the specifics of your business and we adapt our legal advice and opinion to your needs.

We begin by understanding in-depth how your business operates – its goods and services, customers, suppliers, partners, channels, assets, technologies, products, advertising, publications, personnel, locations, markets, and processes.

We ask about the stage of your business and your plans for the next year and the next 5 years.  We address any unusual aspects of the business, perhaps unique to you.  We talk with key business operators to get a complete perspective on legally relevant aspects of day-to-day operations.



After you purchase the business roadmap service package,  we:

  • Gather basic information about your business via the Client Portal.
  • Reach out to¬†establish a set of two hour-long interviews with you and up to two other principals in your business. ¬†We send interview outlines in advance so that you can prepare. ¬†The interviews are conducted online (physical presence can be accommodated) with your business principals.
  • Use the first interview to understand the business well enough to set an agenda for the second interview and request¬†that you send copies of materials identified in the first interview.
  • Produce a written report and opinion concerning the business’s legal priorities, after a review of notes, recordings and materials. ¬†The report will include our judgments concerning the relative priority and importance of key legal initiatives. We are possible, we will instruct you on how you might be able to address these legal initiatives without a lawyer.
  • Optionally, and for an extra fee, we will “deliver” the report and opinion¬†live and online¬†for you and your colleagues.

Services and Deliverables

In short order, we will produce for you a legal plan that you can implement with GCO or an attorney of your choosing.  The plan will identify and recommend specific actions to be taken with respect to the following kinds of matters (if relevant):

  • Entity Formation
    • Articles of Organization/Incorporation
    • Bylaws/Operating Agreement
    • Shareholder Agreement
    • Capitalization Table
  • Licenses, Permits, Registrations
    • Intellectual Property
    • Trademarks
    • Copyright
    • Patent
    • Trade Secrets
  • Employee Agreements
    • IP & Trade Secrets
    • Invention Assignment
    • Confidentiality
    • Non-compete
    • Commission Agreements
  • Insurance
    • General Liability
    • IP Liability
    • Cyber Liability
    • Workers Compensation
    • Errors and Omissions
    • Media Liability
  • Lease Agreement
  • Business Agreements
    • Partners
    • Suppliers
    • Sale of Goods
    • Sale of Services
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Service
  • Miscellaneous Matters
    • Potential liabilities
    • Regulatory Requirements

Additional Terms & Conditions

This Business Roadmap Service Package is governed by the terms of the GCO Retainer Agreement with your firm.  You are provided a copy at the time you register as a retainer client, or upon purchasing this Service Package if you chose not to become a retainer client. This Business Roadmap Service Package adds the following additional terms and conditions:

  1. The Service Package Fee is refundable upon your request until the services are rendered, less payment processing fees, which are on average about 3% of the purchase price.  If services have been partially rendered, you are entitled to a reasonable partial refund.  The Service Package Fee will not be held in escrow and will be treated as belonging to GCO, subject to refunds.  Refunds will be credited to the credit card that you used to purchase the Service Package.
  2. There are no other fees or charges for this Service Package.  If you require in-person presentations not described in this Service Package, there may be additional expenses which will be charged without markup upon your prior approval.