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Document Review Service Package



This fee is a Baseline Fee, which is the cost to initiate Document Review and provide a Final Fee.

The Final Fee is in addition to the Baseline Fee and is based on 4 Factors:

  1. The absolute number of pages and/or documents you submitted for our review.
  2. The relative complexity of the written documents and of the business and industry context.
  3. The degree of our involvement in your business and legal context – the need for multiple contacts, etc.
  4. The need for specialized research, investigation or ancillary work in support of a proper review

Based on these factors, the Final Fee will range from $300 to more than $1,000.



CGO will provide a comprehensive document review in the following stages.

After purchasing a Document Review for the Baseline Payment, you will upload the document(s) that are the subject of review and complete a questionnaire about the document background.  GCO will return to you the results of its assessment and a quote for and link to the Final Payment amount. 

This process will be presented in your Client Portal and progress against it will be tracked and updated when changes occur.

Services & Deliverables

Once Final Payment is made, GCO will perform the following services and deliver the following artifacts:

  • Review and Assessment – a thorough reading of the document and relevant ancillary documents (such as legal statutes or rulings that bear on the document);
  • Interpretation – absorbing the business importance and context of the document;
  • Analysis – interpreting and analyzing the document’s meaning and significance for your business
  • Opinion & Recommendation – a written summary and opinion concerning the issues presented by the document and the actions that we believe you should or should not take with respect to it.

A “document” can be any English language text that your company might generate internally or receive externally from third parties.  For example, a document might be:

  • A contract, whether executed or proposed;
  • A letter that your business has received or intends to send;
  • A publication created by your business for consumption by third parties, including marketing materials, specifications, Employee Manuals, Policy Manuals, RFPs, advertising or other information that your business has published or intends to publish;
  • A federal or State rule or regulation that is of consequence to your business;
  • Or other documents for which you would like to obtain legal review, interpretation, analysis, opinion and recommendation.

Additional Terms & Conditions

This Document Review Service Package is governed by the terms of the GCO agreement with your firm.  If you need another copy, please let us know.  This Document Review Service Package adds the following additional terms and conditions:

  1. The Service Package Fee is refundable upon your request until the services are rendered, less payment processing fees, which are on average about 3% of the purchase price. If services have been partially rendered, you are entitled to a reasonable partial refund.  The Baseline Fee is fully earned when document is uploaded.  The Baseline and Final Fees will not be held in escrow and will be treated as belonging to GCO, subject to refunds.  Refunds will be credited to the credit card that you used to purchase the Service Package.