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Invoice: Lease Negotiation



Hello Keresty,

This invoice is for the negotiation of your lease agreement.  My email to you had details.

To pay the invoice, click on “Pay Invoice” and follow the prompts.

Thank you!

Robert Kost


These are the activities to be undertaken in this Service Package.  We seek to negotiate the lease to closing and signature.  There is always a possibility that negotiations may fail or the other party may change their mind.  We will endeavor to avoid this.

  1. First Review of Contract.
  2. Strategy Discussion with Keresty Kelly.
  3. Review, Annotate, Redline Lease Agreement.
  4. Negotiate with Landlord’s Lawyer.
  5. [Landlord Lawyer redrafts].
  6. Second Negotiation with Landlord Lawyer.
  7. [Landlord Lawyer redrafts].