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Services and Fees

Subscription-Based and Fixed-Price Legal Help

Streamlined Services, Transparent Pricing

With General Counsel Online, hiring an attorney to guide business decisions doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Know exactly what you’re paying for with our easy-to-understand pricing. Our services are offered in two affordable pricing options: our Retainer (subscription-based fee), and our Service Packages (fixed-price add-on services).

The Retainer: for access to subscription-based legal counsel

For on-demand legal counsel, we offer a retainer option to secure General Counsel Online as your company’s attorney. Our retainer is offered at three affordable price points, each of which give your business access to varying levels of legal counsel and support. With your retainer, you also receive access to secure software and your own Client Portal which we use to facilitate collaboration and streamline your services.


for simple, occasional legal matters
$ 300 Monthly
  • 2 hours Consultation per month
  • Additional time @ $200 per hour
  • 15 minute increments


for regular, repeated law-related issues
$ 500 Monthly
  • 4 hours Consultation per month
  • Additional time @ $150 per hour
  • 15 minute increments


for ongoing, frequent legal needs
$ 1000 Monthly
  • 8 hours Consultation per month
  • Additional time @ $125 per hour
  • 30 minute increments

Our subscription-based Retainer provides you and your company with a set number of hours per month for consultations about specific legal issues or questions. Each of our three Retainer tiers also sets forth a predictable hourly rate should you need more hours with GCO each month. For transparency, we track our hours in your private Client Portal so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay your bill.

Our Retainer includes Consultation time, which may include offline research, investigation and analysis. A consultation is a live meeting, held online or over the telephone, to address your legal concerns and questions in a fully interactive conversation.   Multiple people from your company can join a consultation as long as they are approved by the client representative. We conduct all of our consultations over Zoom for an easier and secure remote meeting experience.

We do not provide litigation services or go to trial, nor do we provide specialty law (such as securities law, patent law, employment law or real estate law) — we can only offer referral and recommendations for those services.

Your bill is never a surprise: if a consultation will cause you to exceed your hourly allotment, we will inform you ahead of time and provide options for adding more time and services at a fixed price.

A Retainer establishes a relationship between GCO and your company, and entitles you to consult with GCO and to request additional fixed fee services. To establish a Retainer relationship with GCO, you and GCO will both sign an Retainer Agreement online within the GCO site as part of the fulfillment process.  If you are uncertain whether you should retain GCO for your legal needs, please schedule a brief interview with us to ask about our services.

We offer 3 different Retainer packages:

  1. A BASIC Retainer is for those businesses whose need for an attorney consultation is sporadic and infrequent.  For $300 per month, GCO will commit to a cumulative 2 hours of live consultation time, arranged at your convenience, to address your legal questions and concerns.  Consultation time in excess of 2 hours is billable at $200 per hour.
  2. A PLUS Retainer is for the business whose needs for legal consultation and services is greater and is likely to require 4 hours of cumulative, live consultation time per month.  It costs $500 per month.  Consultation time in excess of 4 hours is billed at rate of $150 per hour.
  3. An PREMIUM Retainer is for the business that will require up to 8 hours of consultation time per month.  The Extensive Retainer costs $1000 per month.  Consultation time in excess of 8 hours a month is billed at a rate of $125 per hour.

Billing and Refunds. Retainers are billed in advance, monthly, starting on the date that you order the Retainer. When you order a Retainer, we guarantee our availability to you for the number of hours in the retainer. For this reason, the Retainer fee is non-refundable.

Carry-Over Hours. You may carry-over up to one month’s unused Retainer hours for a period of one month. After that, they are forfeit. For example, if you have 2 unused hours from January, they will be added to February’s total. In March, the January hours are removed from the total hours balance. Months may “cascade”: in the above scenario, any unused February hours will be carried into March, but lost in April. Please forgive the strictness of this policy: if carry-overs were permitted for more than a month, GCO’s promised availability for you and other clients would become unpredictable.

The Service Package: for as-needed, fixed-price, packaged legal services

Once you become a client with General Counsel Online, you have access to our fixed-price add-on Service Packages. These services are in addition to the general legal counsel that’s included in your retainer, and are intended to achieve a specific outcome for your business based on its situational needs. 

Each Service Package includes a “bundle” of services and documents. Read about what each of our Service Packages entails by clicking the icons below.

Trademark Registration

Copyright Registration

Business Formation

Contract Negotiation

Document Creation

Document Review